The Sound of "Carousel Music"
Dr. Black has a passion for mechanical music machines... more specifically, band organs.   He has quite a collection of beautiful music makers that he has painstakingly restored over the years.  He's also called upon by collectors and amusement park owners when their machines need his magic touch.

Aside from collecting and restoring, Dr. Bill has spend hundreds of hours recording the beautiful sounds of many machines.  These recordings are available to the general public exclusively through the and website.   Very reasonably prices, the "albums" are available on both cassette tape and Compact Disc.   

We thought you might want to hear a few samples so we've included links below to some of Dr. Bill's more popular recordings.    After taking a listen, simply CLICK HERE for a list of his complete library and to make a purchase or two. 

"Artizan 48 key band organ" (#A48-CD1)
"Mike Kitner's 146 Wurlitzer Band Organ" (#K146-CD1)
"Professor Markey's Philharmonium" - TANGLEY CALLIOPE (#MCAL-CD1)
"Tulip Belles" - 79 key Richter fair organ (#R79-CD1)
"H. Shaner's Wurlitzer Brass Pipe Caliola" (#SC44-CD1)
"Wurlitzer 153 band organ" (#W153-CD16)
"Ken Smith's Grand Gavioli Band Organ" (#SG89-CD1)
"63 keyless Ruth organ replica, built by Ken Smith" (#SR63-CD1)
"Dick Wilson's Style 105 Band Organ" (#W105-CD1)
"Wurlitzer Style 125 Military Band Organ, Volume 1"(#W125-CD1)
"Wurlitzer Style 165 Military Band Organ, Volume 6"(#W165-CD6)
"Berliner Karussell Orgelmusik" (#FB43-CD1)
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