The Scenic Railway is the United Kingdom’s oldest roller coaster and will be the centrepiece in the world’s first amusement park of thrilling historic rides at Dreamland Margate, being developed by the Dreamland Trust. The Trust announced its plans for a spectacular new 21st Century tourist attraction at the Dreamland Amusement Park site in 2007. Work on the project, which will cost £12.5m, is expected to start later this year.

Chairman of the Dreamland Trust Nick Laister said: “I would like to thank all of the members of the American Coaster Enthusiasts for this very generous donation. This demonstrates the level of international interest in the future of the Scenic Railway, which is a remarkable and fragile survivor. We will ensure that this donation is used 100% on the restoration of this roller coaster. I look forward to welcoming the members of ACE to Dreamland Margate when the Scenic Railway reopens."

ACE was founded in 1978 as a not-for-profit, all volunteer club to foster and promote the conservation, appreciation, knowledge and enjoyment of the art of the classic wooden roller coaster and the contemporary steel coaster.

President of ACE, Mark Cole, says: “The Scenic Railway is one of very few coasters of this type in the world. Our support of the Dreamland Trust and their mission to return the coaster to operational status is similar to the work that ACE did to restore the oldest coaster in the world several years ago. Preservation is a major part of the formation and continued work of ACE. We look forward to returning to ride Scenic Railway in the not to distance future”.


Information for Editors

For further information on the Dreamland Margate project, please contact:

Jan Leandro, Audience Development Officer, Dreamland Margate, The Media Centre, 11-13 King Street, Margate, Kent CT9 1DA on 01843 609270 or 07932 446865

Nick Laister – Chairman of the Dreamland Trust on 01235 838214 or 07778 207036. Email

The Save Dreamland Campaign was launched in 2003 to save the Dreamland Pleasure Park, Margate, home of the UK’s oldest roller coaster, the 90-year-old listed Scenic Railway. The Campaign is led by planning expert Nick Laister, a planning consultant working within the British amusement park industry. The Campaign is now speaking on behalf of over 13,000 people, including local residents, businesses and organisations such as the Margate Historical Society, Margate Civic Society, the Isle of Thanet Hotel and Guest House Association, European Coaster Club, Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain and SAVE Britain’s Heritage.

The official campaign website is The campaign can be emailed at

For more information on the Dreamland Margate project, visit

The Trust has negotiated the ‘rescue’ of a number of threatened vintage rides, most of which are now in storage in various locations. The rides include the Caterpillar, Water Chute, Whip, Wild Mouse and River Caves, and they have been acquired from Southport Pleasureland, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Rhyl’s Ocean Beach. In some cases, these represent the last surviving examples of their type.

Dreamland Pleasure Park is located at Belgrave Road, Margate. The park is owned by Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company.

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